Welcome to LiveSURVEY, Drexel University College of Medicine's immediate audience
response system. Unlike traditional audience response systems which use a dedicated
handheld voting device, our system utilizes the audience's own laptop, iPad or mobile
device connected to the internet. If you use videoconferencing to transmit live course content,
LiveSurvey allows any-student, any-where to participate.

Launch the LiveSURVEY Vote Pad and enter the Survey Code provided by the instructor
when the instructor has activated a question. Select your answer, then click VOTE NOW.
Wireless devices cannot be shared with other students for a session.


1) Use the administrator console to set-up your questions in advance or edit your questions.
If you do not have admin access to any survey then submit a request to be added as a survey administrator.

2) Use the stand-alone LiveSURVEY viewer in your web-browser to project your surveys on screen
for all students to see. You can also immediately display the results of the survey, then move on to
the next survey question.

Surveys can be anonymous or identifed. See the User Guide for instructions how to do this.



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