Professional Formation

A Comprehensive Resource for Professionalism Education, Assessment, Remediation and Research

Professional Formation is an on-line resource for teaching, learning and assessing professionalism in healthcare education. Supported by a 2014 Arthur Vining Davis Foundations grant, coupled with a 2017 Josiah Macy Jr. Foundation grant, Professional Formation launched in mid-2020 with 12 interactive modules for learners and two modules for faculty. With a sophisticated learning management system, the modules contain over 150 videos, pre and post module tests that gauge the learners’ change in perceptions, over 40 exercises and five scales including the Cohen Perceived Stress Scale, Groningen Reflective Ability Scale, Interpersonal Reactivity Index, Interprofessional Education Competency Scale and the Novack Values Behavior Concordance Scale.

Professional Formation Supports Professionalism Competency in Education

All major medical education accrediting and professional organizations affirm that professionalism is a core competency. Unfortunately, many medical schools and residency, physician assistant and nurse practitioner programs struggle to deliver high quality curricula in teaching, assessing and remediating professionalism. Professional Formation offers faculty and learners the resources for effective professionalism and professional formation curricula, as well as tools for assessment, remediation and research.

The Interprofessional Education Collaborative (IPEC), comprised of six national associations of schools of health professions, in 2016 released a list of four core competencies including Values/Ethics for Interprofessional Practice, Roles/Responsibilities, Interprofessional Communication, and Teams and Teamwork. Each of these core competencies has eight to 10 sub-competencies, totaling 39. Eighty-two percent of the sub-competencies are supported by Professional Formation module learning goals.

Research Demonstrates the Value of Professional Formation

In the Professional Formation pilot program conducted under the aegis of the Macy grant from 2017 to 2020, learners completed over 2,100 pre and post module tests. Initial results indicated the learners’ scores increased on average over 30 percent for certain modules indicating a positive change in perceptions. More research studies are ongoing.

Module Integration

Professional Formation modules can be used with one professional discipline or across multiple disciplines as the modules have been written by interprofessionals and many of the videos taped in an interprofessional environment. The authors of these modules bring many years of clinical and educational experience in helping learners grow personally and professionally. All modules have been reviewed by an interprofessional group. The authors have been reflective about what has promoted their own growth in these domains. In working through the content and exercises, learners will become more aware of basic principles and practices for their own profession as well as for professions of other healthcare providers.

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