Learning Management System


The Learning Management System (LMS) ensures that an online resource is educationally effective. The LMS allows for easy navigation with a minimum of clicks. More thatn 150 videos appear almost instantaneously on all computer platforms, including tablets and smart phones, throughout the world. The LMS allows for self-organizing groups, so that groups can be created by learners and faculty with or without an administrator's assistance.


Faculty can sign up learners and assign them to groups, which can receive their own messages. They can create assignments that appear on the home page when a learner signs in. Learners can answer pre and post module questions, do exercises and scales online. Then faculty can access aggregated scores on the pre and post module tests and the scales. 

Front Page

Front Page, in a newsletter format, allows faculty and learners to submit letters, poems, insights, new instruments and ideas, which are posted for all subscribers, both faculty and learners, to view and respond. Periodically, Front Page presents compelling questions about learners' attitudes and likely behavior in response to professional conflicts. 

Trigger Videos

Learners view trigger videos of an ethical or professionalism dilemma and create a brief selfie video demonstrating how they would respond to the situation. Other learners in the group view their responses and vote on the most effective response for later discussions.