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CV Writing Guide

What is a CV?

A Curriculum Vitae (CV) is a complete and concise history of your educational background, achievements, work, and other relevant experiences and accomplishments. It tends to be longer than a resume, which is tailored for a specific job. You will use your CV to apply for scholarships and away rotations, and it will outline your experiences for your residency application. 

How to Begin

Begin your draft CV by listing all experiences from undergrad through today

Categorizing Your Experiences

Each section should be listed in reverse chronological order (most recent experiences should appear first). There are certain sections that every medical student’s CV should contain. Those include: 

Name and Contact Information


Honors & Awards

Licensure / Certifications

Experience Sections

This portion of the CV will vary for each student. You should categorize like experiences with sub-sections such as “Leadership Experience” or “Volunteer Experience”.  

AMA Style for Publications & Presentations


AuthorLastname FirstInitialMiddleInitial. Title in sentence case. Abbreviated Journal Title in Title Case Year;volume(Issue#):PP-PP. doi: ##


Hisama A, Mattson RH, Student JD, Felice K, Petroff OA. GABA and the ornithine delta-aminotransferase gene in vigabatrin-associated visual field defects. J Med Stuff 2001;10(7):505-507.


AuthorLastname FirstInitialMiddleInitial. Title in sentence case. Description of presentation context; date; City, State (Or Province/ Country).


Poe J, Kowitz K. CTF18 Plays important roles in female mouse germ cell development and ovarian folliculogenesis. Poster presented at: Drexel University College of Medicine Discovery Day; Oct 2018; Philadelphia, PA.

For additional guidance, please refer to the Purdue AMA Citation Help guide. 

Additional Resources