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Writing a Curriculum Vitae

What is a CV?


A Curriculum Vitae (CV) is a complete and concise history of your educational background, achievements, work, and other relevant experiences and accomplishments.  This makes it different from a resume, which is tailored for a specific job.  You will keep and continually update your CV throughout your career.  This page is specific to medical students, and will help you prepare, organize and write your CV.
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General Info Major Sections Experience (detail)
Tips & Samples

Purpose of a CV

Purpose of your CV (will change over time):



Major Sections of a CV

These are important sections that every CV must include. 

Name And Contact Information


Honors & Awards





This portion of the CV will vary for each student.  You do not have to use one section labeled “Experience” but rather separate sections such as “Work Experience” or “Volunteer Experience”.  Below is general information for all experience sections.  Below, you will find more specific information on specific sections you may wish to include.  You can divide or combine sections as it makes sense for your CV.

For all Experience Sections:

Additional Experience Headings

You may create headings to reflect or highlight your experiences.  Group relevant experiences together.  Do not have ten headings each with one experience below.

Work Experience

Research Experience

AMA Manual of Style


How to Cite a Publication: Author(s): last name, first initial. Title. Name/Title of journal (in italics). Year; Volume: page numbers.

Hisama A, Mattson R.H., Student J.D., Felice K, Petroff OA. GABA and the ornithine delta-aminotransferase gene in vigabatrin-associated visual field defects. Journal of Medical Stuff. 2001; 10(7):505-7.


How to Cite a Presentation: Author(s): last name, first initial. Title. Name of Event; Date; Location.


Poe J, Kowitz K. CTF18 Plays Important Roles in Female Mouse Germ Cell Development and Ovarian Folliculogenesis. Poster presented at Drexel University College of Medicine Discovery Day; Oct 2018; Philadelphia, PA.

Community Service/Volunteer Experience

Professional Organizations



Sample CV

Use this sample as a guideline for how to format you CV and what information to include. Remember that everyone’s experiences are unique.  Be sure your CV reflects your experiences.

CV Reviews

A one time CV review is available through the Office of Student Affairs & Career Advising. If you would like your CV reviewed, please send it as a Word document to CoM_CDCReviews@drexel.edu. Please allow 10 business days for CV reviews.