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  1. Drexel University College of Medicine Research Office: This Office of Research serves to support clinical and basic research activities, works with departments and interdisciplinary programs to develop and implement research, facilitates translational research and promotes mentoring to advance the training of physicians/scientists. Search faculty by research or enter your research interests into a searchable database.Please contact the faculty member directly for more information.
  2. Research Opportunities at Drexel and Clinical Sites. Drexel faculty members who may currently have a research opportunity available here or at our clinical sites. Please contact the faculty member directly for more information.
  3. Drexel Med Research websites by department Email faculty directly in the areas you are interested to see if an opportunity exists or if the faculty member knows of any other opportunities in their department. It is recommended to send your CV along with your email inquiry. Search by department. You can also search “Research News and Announcements” for additional leads.
  4. Search on key words related to your area of interests and email faculty directly about a possible opportunity or lead.
  5. Summer Research Fellowship - DUCoM offers 20 paid Summer Research Fellowships for first-year medical students under the direction of a Drexel University faculty member. Previous research experience is helpful but not required.
  6. Drexel Affiliated Faculty- Past Research Mentors Contact Drexel faculty directly to see if an opportunity to work with them exists.
  7. College of Medicine grants and research are presented in "Pulse" news publication and "Drexel Med Monitor" weekly e-newletter. Contact faculty directly to see if an opportunity exists.
  8. For additional information about research opportunities at Drexel University contact Dr. Jane Clifford, Professor and Chair, Biochemistry, Associate Dean for Medical Research, Prior to contacting Dr. Clifford for assistance, please complete an independent search of the Drexel University and College of Medicine research website.

    Note: Work study positions - If you are work study eligible, you can use work study funding to support your research work. There is no cost to the department however the department would have to post the position and complete online paperwork through the Work Study Office.


Additional information on funding, research fellowships and externships may be found by doing an independent search of the Internet. If you are looking for a specific opportunity or specific geographic area, search on the topic or the individual hospital or institution’s websites in that area and make direct contacts by email as described above. When making contact, if an opportunity does not exist, always ask your contact if they know of any other opportunities. If earning money is not a necessity, you may find it easier to arrange an opportunity.

Sample Email for Contacting Faculty about possible Research Opportunities:

Dear Dr. _____:

My name is ____, and I am a first year medical student at Drexel University College of Medicine in Philadelphia.  I am currently looking for a summer research position and was excited to read about your work on ____. Specifically, _____ (elaborate more on what you find interesting about the mentor’s research and how it fits in with your interest and goals). I am looking to get involved with research and believe my interests would align with your area of research. I would like to inquire about an opportunity to work with you or within the Department of _____. My goal this summer is to contribute to your research project while gaining valuable skills and knowledge in the field.

I have attached my CV for your information.  As you can see from my CV,____ (elaborate on past research or other experiences and what you would bring to the position)  I am an active student who is hard working, reliable, and enjoys working with others (highlighting your strengths).

Please let me know if there is an opportunity to get involved in your research/in your lab. I would be happy to discuss this further by email or phone at your earliest convenience.  Thank you very much for your time and I look forward to hearing from you.