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Residency Application
Letters of Recommendation

Letters of Recommendation (LORs) are an important part of your application. Along with clerkship & Sub I grades and the interview, your LOR’s are one of the most important factors programs use when selecting candidates for interviews and in ranking candidates.

Residency programs hope to learn several things from a LOR:

You can and should be asking for LORs early on, even before you have decided on a specialty or picked programs. However, the majority of LORs come from 4th year work.

It is very important throughout this process to keep in mind that programs and specialties may have different requirements. It is your responsibility to research requirements prior to applying.

Who to Ask

When to Ask

How to Ask

How Do I Ensure a Strong LOR?

What information should I provide to my letter writer?


For SF Match (Ophthalmology applicants):

For MODS (Military Match):

Other Information to Know

How many letters will I need?

The number of LOR’s that you will need will vary by student and program.  While most will only need three, you may need more depending on your specialty, if you are applying to more than one specialty or prelims/transitional years, etc.  This information is program specific. It is extremely important to check with the programs directly.

Chairman Letter


Tracking your LOR’s? (How do I check to see if my LOR’s have been received?)

Early Match (SF Match-Central Application Service-CAS)

How do I choose which ones to use?