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Rishi Chokshi, MD

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Linda Greco

Specialty Description

An anesthesiologist is trained to provide pain relief and maintenance, or restoration, of a stable condition during and immediately following an operation, obstetric, or diagnostic procedure. It is the anesthesiologist's foremost purpose and concern to protect the patient's well-being and safety just prior to, during, and after surgery. Anesthesiologists have many responsibilities: preoperative evaluation of patients to determine conditions that may complicate surgery; management of pain and emotional stress during surgical, obstetrical, and medical procedures; provision of life support under the stress of anesthesia and surgery; immediate postoperative care of the patient; and knowledge of drugs and their interactions with anesthetic agents. Their functions also include long-standing and cancer pain management; management of problems in cardiac and respiratory resuscitation; application of specific methods of inhalation therapy; and emergency clinical management of various fluid, electrolyte, and metabolic disturbances. (Source:AAMC)

Time Requirement
4 years, including a Clinical Base (or PGY-1) Year


Pathway Information

Drexel and Clinical Site Residency Program


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The national specialty organizations can provide medical students with excellent resources as well as updates on current activities within the field, conferences, and on-going research opportunities and research funding.

Residency Application and Match Info*

ERAS - Application Services
NRMP - Matching Program

Data National DUCoM
Average Application Count by Specialty (2020)** 53.4 60.6
Mean Number of programs ranked in matched specialty (2018-2020)*** 11.2 10.8


*The number of applications and programs ranked will vary based on many factors.  Students should seek advice from their Pathway Advisor and/or their Student Affairs Career Advisor in conjunction with the data above.
**Data drawn from ERAS data
*** Data drawn from NRMP Characteristics of Matched Seniors