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Radiology (Diagnostic)

Specialty Description

A radiologist is a physician who utilizes imaging methodologies to diagnose and manage patients and provide therapeutic options. A radiologist utilizes x-ray, ionizing radiation, radionuclides, ultrasound, electromagnetic radiation, and image-guided intervention to diagnose and treat disease. Physicians practicing in the field of radiology specialize in diagnostic radiology, or radiation oncology. (Source: The American Board of Medical Specialties; February 2008.)


Pathway Director

Khuram Kazmi, M.D.



Heather McLaughlin

Drexel Fourth Year Pathway Information

Affiliated Residency Programs

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Time Requirement

The residency training program for radiology is five years of approved training with a minimum of four years in diagnostic radiology. Additional training of at least one year is required to be certified in the subspecialty areas.


National Organizations

The national specialty organizations can provide medical students with excellent resources as well as updates on current activities within the field, conferences, and on-going research opportunities and research funding.


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