Special Elective Application materials are due the 1st Friday of each month to be considered
at the monthly Special Elective Committee meeting which is held the 3rd Friday of the month.
Applications received after the 1st Friday will be reviewed the following month.

Decisions will be released the following week. Additional information may be requested following review.

Allow at least 8 weeks advance notice for Special Elective Applications.
Applications are to be submitted to Marcine Townes in the Division of Clinical Education. 

Retroactive Credit will NOT be granted -- please submit requests in advance.





Drexel University College of Medicine students may arrange to take elective courses offered at LCME accredited medical schools.  See instructions for scheduling “away” electives on-line by going to: AwayRotations4.htm


Students may arrange elective experiences not formally listed in the Senior Course Catalog or offered in the course catalogs of other LCME-accredited U.S. medical schools. There is a special process required for students to get such elective experiences approved for credit towards graduation.  Students may also undertake non-standard electives on their “vacation” time for educational enrichment, but these non-approved clinical experiences will not contribute to meeting graduation requirements.


Categories of Special Electives

·         Electives at non-medical school sites in the US. Examples include:

1.       Rotations in a community practice or hospital that are not electives at an LCME-accredited medical school.

2.       Rotations with DUCOM faculty members, which are not listed as electives in the Senior Course Catalog.

·         International electives.

·         Research electives.

·         A rotation beyond the maximum weeks allowed in a discipline. 

·         Other (as directed by Clinical Education)


Information Required in Special Elective Request

The following information is required of each student making a Special Elective request.  Review the following list carefully.  If any required items are missing, the request will not be approved.  The committee does not approve all requests.  Students should keep this in mind when planning their senior year.  If a rotation is not approved, students may need to extend the year to meet graduation requirements.


A completed packet includes the following (everything must be in English):

NOTE: The Special Electives Committee will not review/consider an incomplete packet.

Students are responsible for adhering to all policies and procedures of Away Schools/Sites even though an elective has received approval from the Special Electives Committee.