Where’s my Evaluation???


Drexel University College of Medicine On-Line Student Clinical Rotation Evaluations:


The following has to happen before you will see your grade on your transcript:


·         Faculty/Resident completes evaluation

·         Course Director Summarizes evaluation or submits single Final Evaluation for course

o       For some courses there is a Site Director that compiles a composite which is then forwarded to the Course Director

o       For some courses there are multiple evaluations which must be received before a composite may be completed

o       For some courses a composite may not be completed until an exam grade is available

·         Sign off by Deans Office

o       You will be able to view your evaluation on DOCSS once the Deans Office has signed off on your evaluation if you have completed the feedback for the course.  This copy will be in a printable format.  You will not receive a paper copy of your evaluation.

·         Student Notification

o       You will receive an email the morning after your evaluation has been signed off by the Deans Office. The email will indicate which rotation has been signed off.


·         Grade transmitted to Registrar:

o       The grades are transmitted to the Registrar in a manual upload (bundle) to Registrar -- this is done twice weekly
o      NOTE: prior to ERAS release and Commencement, grades are transmitted to the Registrar daily

o       Registrar must then upload into Banner and post to Transcript



DOCSS: You may view your evaluation by logging into DOCSS at:  docss.drexelmed.edu

Once you log in, you will see a list of courses for which you have registered for the current year.


You will receive an email from DOCSS the day after any evaluation has been signed off on. You may view your final evaluation and grade on DOCSS.

When you receive the email from DOCSS, that means that the grade will be transmitted to the Registrar within 3 working days.
This does not mean that the grade has been posted to your official transcript.

The timeline for viewing of your final grade on your Transcript is determined by the Registrar.  Any grade corrections must be transcribed manually by the Registrar after they are processed through the Dean's Office.


Please have faculty with questions regarding the on-line evaluation process contact the Division of Clinical Education at 215-991-8360 or clinicaleducation@drexel.edu.


Paper evaluations will be issued for Away (non-DUCOM affiliated) rotations. All Away evaluations must be handkeyed and processed by both the Division of Clinical Education and the Registrar.


When can I expect to receive my final evaluation? Clerkship directors and elective course directors are expected to submit final student evaluations within six weeks after the rotation ends.


posted 11/15/2012; revised 9/14/2018