Doc: My Experience With A Physician Refresher Program - Physicans News Digest (October 2016)
"I improved considerably during my preceptorship. The “DocCom” modules (of which there are over 40) provided video and text vignettes addressing humanistic components of patient care, such as the above “difficult” conversation topics as well as teaching the value of the pause (which permits patients time to absorb what the doctor just said), the setting of the office visit agenda upfront, the elicitation of the patient’s understanding of the pathophysiology of her/his disease / diagnosis, and the firm but supportive manner in which a patient can be told she or he has an addiction.." Click here for full text.

Building Relationships with Patients: A Cornerstone of Patient Engagement - (July 2016)
"Research reflects that building relationships with patients through communication and patient-centeredness has a strong impact, which includes improving patient and provider satisfaction, improving adherence to medication, and decreasing resource utilization, costs and malpractice. The major skills in building a relationship and patient-centeredness include attentiveness and warmth, empathy, respect, support and partnership..." Click here for full text. 

The Gateway to Patient-Centered Care - (January 2016)
"With the clean and bloody bandages whipping in the wind, the passers-by recognized the establishment of the barber-surgeon, who could pull a tooth or leach blood from the patient, as well cut hair and a hangnail. The white and red rags gave way to the iconic barber pole still in use today. The barber-surgeons’ work was, oftentimes, conducted before an audience of family and friends, as well as the curious and the apprentices. The patient was the center of attention and care..." Click here for full text.