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If you missed one of our live broadcasts, you’ll find all our recorded sessions in our archive.

Webinar Archive

  • Alabama College of Osteopathic Medicine: Incorporating DocCom Modules Into Curriculum
  • Balance and Self-Care: Helping Learners Cope with Burnout and Depression
  • Beer, Wine, Whiskey and Patients Simple, Helpful Clinical Talk
  • Boundary Issues in Communicating with Patients and Their Families
  • Communicating with Depressed Patients
  • Delivering Bad News
  • DocCom Anxiety and Panic Webinar
  • DocCom Introduction Webinar
  • Effective Ways to Use DocCom
  • Exploring Spirituality & Religious Beliefs with Patients
  • Helping Patients Change: Adherence with Healthcare Plans
  • High Performance Teams: A Critical Need to Restore Joy
  • Improve Interns Communication Skills Prior to Orientation
  • Improve Residents’ Communication Skills Prior to Arrival and Orientation
  • Motivating Healthy Diet and Physical Activity
  • Non-Verbal Communication
  • Promoting Adherence and Health Behavior Change
  • Refreshing and Remediating Clinicians’ Skills Including Communication
  • Responding to Strong Emotions
  • Talking with Your Patients about Substance Use Disorders
  • Teaching by Observation How to Improve Residents’ Skills
  • Teaching Learners to Practice Mindfully in a Turbulent Healthcare Environment
  • Teaching the Oral Presentation
  • Telehealth Communication Tips
  • The Geriatric Interview: Effective Techniques for Getting the Most Out of 15 Minutes
  • Unleashing the Positive Power of Compassion: Science, Skill, and Strategies for Health and Wellbeing
  • You, Me and the Computer Makes Three: How to Integrate the Computer in the Exam Room

Podcast Archive

Healthcare Communication: Effective Techniques for Clinicians Available on Apple Podcast and STITCHER

Listen to the podcast - Healthcare Communication: Effective Techniques for Clinicians. Communication experts in the health care industry talk about the most effective practices, lessons learned and how to overcome challenges in communicating with patients. Listen to experts share their innovative tips and proven techniques.

The 20 to 25-minute podcasts are short enough to listen to while you're commuting or exercising. You can sign-up on iTunes or Stitcher to have the podcasts sent to you automatically when they're published, or you can download them when you have the time.