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History of Videoconferencing at the College of Medicine

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At Drexel University College of Medicine, we've been using videoconferencing since 1993 in our multi-campus environment to connect students, faculty, staff, residents, meeting participants, medical symposia and many other events.

Today videoconferencing is more than just talking face to face with others. You can connect desktop users with your room systems, include telephone audio only participants, share and collaborate on documents, and record meetings and events.

Whether connecting groups across a campus or around the world videoconferencing helps to reduce costs and make you more productive while maintaining an effective way to communciate.

This website is designed to help you understand what facilites we have available and how to schedule and use videoconferencing for your events.

Videoconferencing Management

College of Medicine
Office of Educational Affairs
Lori O'Connell
Manager, Educational Resources

College of Medicine
Office of Education Affairs
George Zeiset
Director, Technology in Medical Education (TIME)

Information Technology (Drexel-IT)
Rob Kaniewski
Director, Technical Services





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