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Videoconferencing Tips & Suggestions

  • Include the participants at remote locations and on the phone. If you are the chairperson or starting the meeting, don't forget to inlcude them in the rollcall or introductions. When asking for questions, allow the remote sites more than just a second to respond. Often their microphone may be muted and they will need to unmute before speaking

  • If you do not hear the remote site, aske them to unmute their microphone. Also make sure your volume is turned up. It's a good idea to test out the audio with the remote site(s) before your meeting starts.

  • If sharing a laptop or PC, verbally ask the other site if they can see your content? If not then re-initiate sending content using the remote control for the videoconference system in your room.

  • If you are hearing echo (hearing yourself) when you speak, ask the remote participant to mute their microphone.

Cisco SX-20 Videoconferecning System User Guide.  If your camera looks like this, SX20Camera you have an SX-20.

Cisco SX-10 Videoconferecning System User Guide.  If your camera looks like this, SX10Camera you have an SX-10.
arrow Cisco Jabber Desktop Videoconferencing  Windows   |   Mac    |   iPad
Radio Interference and Electronic Devices - comments and guidelines from Polycom

If you need training or would like to set-up a test call to familiarize yourself with your videoconferencing system, please contact Lori O'Connell
at 215-991-8569 lo25@drexel.edu or George Zeiset at 215-991-8511 gz23@drexel.edu

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